Welcome to Blue Fire Earth

The Night of Blue Fire. The name means different things on two worlds. On Toril, it is the event that marked the death of Mystra, Goddes of magic and keeper of the weave. On Earth, it is the day when Blue Fire erupted from EVERY mystical site on Earth.

After that, several things happened to the world;
  1. All technology higher then that found in the old west ceased to funtion.
  2. Decendants of people kidnapped during the time of the phaerohs appear in Egypt and stage a coup and conquered the muslem government and reestablished the Phaeroh and gods.
  3. True magic, elves, dwarves and monsters returned.
  4. New races appeared. Most based on anthro animals.
  5. Chaos ensued as the population panicked and war and riots occured.

It happened 100 years agos and the world’s only now recovering. New nations and Empires have formed and grown over that time. Old lands that had cut themselves off have been reintroduced to the world forcibly by the Blue Fire. Spellscared and Spellplague victems abound as well. It is a world in turmoil. A world in chaos. A world where one man can make a difference.
This is the world of Blue Fire Earth

Blue Fire Earth